Abra Havens, PsyD Clinical Psychologist

The practice of psychotherapy is the practice of healing the psyche.  I have my doctorate in clinical psychology and have been engaged in this practice of healing since 2005.  In that time I have worked with all ages in nearly every type of treatment setting.  I am in many ways a general practitioner and work with people suffering from almost any psychological problem. 

My specialty is in the treatment of trauma.  I obtained focused training in this area throughout graduate school and I have also completed years of additional training following the completion of my doctorate. 

I treat people who have survived childhood neglect as well as physical, sexual and emotional abuse and also work with survivors of adult traumas such as sexual assault, domestic violence, severe car accidents and other life-threatening  events. The experience of trauma impacts the way an individual experiences his or herself, emotions and relationships.  Childhood trauma can have a profound impact on a person's ability to build meaningful connections with others throughout his or her lifetime.  This can lead to isolation or a pattern of difficulty in relationships that contributes to chronic feelings of depression and anxiety.  Trauma that occurs in adulthood can damage existing relationships, alter self-image and impair one's ability to work and live as they used to live before the trauma.  

I am trained in a wide variety of therapeutic approaches to trauma and tailor my treatment to each person's story, personality and strengths.